A $337 Million Powerball Winner!

| August 19, 2012

$337 million that was the sum of yesterday’s Powerball jackpot one of the largest jackpots in United States history. They lucky winner of the big jackpot is said to be a resident from Michigan whose identity has yet to be revealed.  It is being reported that the winner could take home a lump sum of around $267 million. Although the individual from Michigan was last night’s big winner there were numerous other winner’s throughout the country who are to be taking home a not too tiny sum of money themselves. From Kentucky to New Mexico, from New Jersey to Kansas, from Pennsylvania to Virginia 8 additional winners will be taking home a not too shabby sum of a cool million dollars.

The odds of winning the actual Powerball are reported to be 1 in 175 million. The last winner of the Powerball was back in June when a couple won roughly $60 million and before that the third largest Powerball winnings of $336 million was won by an elder woman in Rhode Island whose was said to have felt both Proud and Thankful. There have been many stories of winners and what their responses were when they finally figured out they had the winning ticket. For example the 81 year old from Rhode Island told reporters that upon realizing that she had just won the Powerball  she immediately hid her winning ticket in her Bible thanking god and slept with her Bible clutched to her heart all night until she get to her safe deposit box securing her golden ticket.

With another Powerball drawing just around the corner American are already scurrying to their local stores in the hopes of being the one to buy the next winning ticket and claim the jackpot which has already reached a nice $ 40 million.

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