A Deadly Twister Desecrates Millbury, Ohio

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Millbury, Ohio residents were the victims of another deadly category three tornado over this past weekend. It is being report that the death toll is said to be in the range of 5 to 7 as of now with about a dozen injured.

Sources are reporting that the twister hit only a few hours before there was to be a local high school graduation ceremony and that if nothing else residents feel lucky that the whole town was not gathered in one place when the tornado hit.

One local girl, Katie Kranz, who was the graduating valedictorian for her senior class is said to have lost her as a result of the tornado. Family members are stating that Ted Kranz had left the basement where his family took shelter to fix the generator, to prevent flooding in the basement. Ted Kranz unfortunately did not return to his family. According to Ted’s brother Tim, Ted was killed by flying debris from the twister.

News reports are coming in and stating that the town is absolutely ravaged by the Tornado. Residents are stating that the town they grew up in, their home, looks more like a war has taken place.  Sources are reporting that if someone did not know better they would think the town had been bombed.

The estimated amount of the damages is said to be somewhere in the millions. Sources are stating that it will take the town a long time to recover from this tragedy.

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