Will Make Your Mortgage Payments

| April 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

In today’s economy, with mass foreclosures, home owners are finding it hard to just stay afloat. People are always looking for different ways to make money to help them with their mortgage payment. Well, advertising giant has come up with a rather unique way for homeowners to get their mortgage payments paid for them, by simply painting their houses.

That’s right paint your house. is now offering to pay homeowners mortgages for them in exchange for the homeowner allowing to turn their home into a giant billboard for the company. Adzookie will send people to paint the homeowners house in very bright colors with advertising for and in return the home owners mortgage will be paid for them.

There are some rules that need to be followed before Adzookie will agree to paint their home and pay their mortgage. A few examples are the home must owned, it can not be rented or leased and there is a three month minimum on how long can keep the house painted like a billboard. The upside is that for every month, even if it extends up to a year, the home owners mortgage payment.

In a time where many are struggling it is good to see that there is some help out there for some people. Being mortgage free for even a year could be a tremendous help to many families. It will help them get ahead, catch up and maybe even save a little money. It’s a great idea by a creative team of people, where painting equals money.

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