Artist Rob Anderson Launches New WebSite Showing OVER 30 YEARS OF PAINTING, DRAWING, AND INSTALLATION WORK.

| June 18, 2010

The News Gals (Press Release)Jun 18, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, JUNE 17, 2010 – The art of Rob Anderson is now featured in his new website, and includes an extensive portfolio of his art in oil, charcoal, pastel and installation work. As an artist and teacher, he is considered a master realist with a remarkable ability to capture human emotion through his drawings and paintings.

The website includes a portfolio of portraits capturing the unique essence of each personality of his subjects. His goal is to create an emotionally and psychologically charged work that is also beautiful. “Drawing the human figure is my passion,” Anderson said. “Drawing across and through time, I discover the unique life force that is elusive in a snapshot.”

A commissioned portrait of the Very Reverend Alan Jones, the Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco is one of his many subjects. He also completed copies of 18th portraits of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards as part of the renovation of the Jonathan Edwards College at Yale University in 2008.

From the intimacy of drawing in a private home to drawing a vast sculpture in public, his talent for portraying the human form led him to a series of drawings of the Great Frieze of the Pergamon Altar, now in Berlin, Germany. Within the Drawing section of the site, a visitor can see Anderson’s commission to paint the “Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World” as a room-size mural for a private residence in San Francisco.

The Great Frieze portrays a fierce battle between the gods and the giants represented by animal forms with their serpent legs and beast heads. Measuring 400 feet in length, Anderson drew selected parts of the 2,000-year-old marble sculpture. The project evolved into an exhibition at the Pergamon Museum with the subsequent publication of six of the drawings by Verlag Philipp von Zabern.

Another feature included in Anderson’s new website is his graphic and poster art. He created the iconic poster for the 1982 Gay Olympic Games, now called the Gay Games, by ingeniously adapting classical Greek vase painting forms into a contemporary athletic symbol. This poster gained international recognition and is considered a collector’s item representing this special event.

In addition to his work in drawing, painting and print, the new site features Anderson’s multi-media installation, Rattlesnake in a Moving Car: Life with HIV. It is a combination of portraits of 20 longtime HIV-positive survivors and the sculptural metal framework he created distinguishing their unique personalities. In addition, an audio presentation explores the diverse paths these individuals have taken within their common journey.

Anderson is widely sought after for commissions and his artwork is in prestigious collections, including the Center for the Study of Political Graphics in Los Angeles, California and the San Francisco public collections of the Fine Arts Museums: the Achenbach Foundation and the Public Library Gay and Lesbian History Archives.
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