Authorities Stumped by Disappearance of 7 Year Old Kyron Horman

| June 11, 2010 | 0 Comments

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Portland, Oregon is on the look out for a missing 7 year old boy named Kyron Horman. The young boy went missing last Friday, June 04, 2010. Authorities are stating that Kyron had attended his school science fair before heading to class. Sources are stating that this was the last time anyone saw the child.

Kyron Horman was reported missing sometime Friday afternoon after failing to return home from school. That very afternoon an extensive and desperate search ensued with hundreds fanning out across Portland in search of the missing boy.  

It is being reported that after weather conditions took a turn for the worse and forced searchers inside, the authorities concentrated on interviewing hundreds of the town’s people.

To the heartbreak of Kyron’s family no leads have developed regarding the boy’s disappearance. Those who knew and loved Kyron had only one thing to say, “Kyron, we’re going to bring you home, buddy.”

Statistics show that more than 750,000 children go missing every year.

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