Axl Rose Seeks a Big Payday

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In March Irving Azoff and Frontline Management filed suit on Axl Rose calming they had an oral contract with the star and he owed them close to 1.9 million in unpaid fees. Now the confrontational lead singer has fired back with a 5 million dollar counter suit claiming Irving Azoff and front line management tried to force him to reunite and tour with the original guns and roses lineup.

Azoff is responsible for many well known reunions including the Eagles and a failed attempt to get Steve Perry to reunite with Journey.
Rose claims Azoff purposely lied and blamed the failure of the bands 2009-2010 tour and the poor records sales of ‘Chinese Democracy’ on Azoffs attempt to sabotage the new lineup and force a reunion of the original members. He also claims Azoff lied about organizing a Guns ‘N Roses/Van Halen tour.
Azoff who represents over 200 artists (including Van Halen, Journey, Jewel and Christina Aguilera) and controls nearly 70% of the concert market thanks to the recent Ticketmaster/ Live Nation merger. In the suit Rose claims Azoff is violating conditions the government placed on the merger by forcing artists to do what Azoff wants.
Both sides in this case are no strangers to feuds and controversy.

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