Bernie Madoff Welcomes Kenneth Starr

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It looks like Tinsel Town has a copy cat on their hand, and Kenneth Starr is his name. Starr deciding to take lessons from the infamous Bernard Madoff, has also embezzled money for some of Hollywood’s elite.

It was recently discovered that Mr. Starr a New York Investment and financial Advisor and also CEO is responsible for the embezzlement of over thirty million dollar from the likes of Al Pacino, Martin Scorcese, and Uma Thurman. The final count of celebrities and others that have fallen victim to Starr’s shenanigans has not been released as of yet and as a result the thirty million dollar estimate is expected to increase.

Starr was reportedly arrest early Thursday morning at his New York home. It is being reported that Starr fearing an arrest was hiding somewhere in his home when police arrived. The location of Starr’s hiding place was said to have been revealed by someone who most would consider closest to him; His wife.

With the way things are going for Kenneth Starr he may be sharing a cell with his mentor Bernie Madoff before he knows it.  Perhaps the two together can devise a scheme to get themselves out of their present predicaments.

Back in 2008 Bernard Madoff also known as Bernie embezzled billions and billions from some of the biggest players not only in Hollywood but the world. Some of Madoff’s Victims included Steven Spielberg, Larry King, Fairfield Greenwich Advisors (An Investment management firm) and Union Bancaire Privee (A Swiss Bank).

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