Bret Michaels’ Life in Danger

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Just when Bret Michaels fans thought he was on the mend after an emergency appendectomy, Bret Michaels is once again rushed to the emergency room with something far more serious.

Thursday night Michaels was rushed to hospital citing severe head pains. After many test were run on Bret, doctors discovered the former Poison front man was suffering from a very serious brain hemorrhage. Wanting to run a series of more testes on Michaels doctors immediately moved Bret to ICU for further observation. Sources are saying “He will be watched around the clock”.

At this point it is unclear what caused the brain hemorrhage. Michaels is said to be in very critical condition and that he is nowhere near being out of the woods, but for now Michaels is said to be stable.

Bret’s family who is by his side states “He is a very strong man with an incredible will to live”.

Michaels was set to go on tour in the next few weeks with dates already in place. With Michaels health unknown his tour dates have either been cancelled or will be reschedule

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