Can They Replace Michael Scott?

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I consider myself an avid fan of The Office. I own every available season and quote lines on a regular basis, and when I run across reruns on TV, I can pinpoint the season to which each program belongs. I’ve tracked the narrative arcs (I’m a writer), and I record each show of the most current season on my DVR to watch during the summer, only to be deleted when the new season starts.

So when I heard that Steve Carell was leaving after the upcoming season seven, I actually had to take time to grieve. It felt like impending doom of some kind, and I felt first shocked, then in denial, then angry, and finally sad.

I thought for sure that there was no way to continue the show – I mean, there’s no way they could keep going without Michael Scott…Right?

Apparently I am wrong.

Mike Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly has a short list of people who might be worthy enough to helm the Regional Manager position at Scranton’s Dunder Mifflin/Sabre branch. These possibilities include Ricky Gervais, Kathy Bates, Amy Ryan, Michael Emerson, and David Cross. This isn’t to say that the job couldn’t be filled by an inside-hire – it’s well-known that Mindy Kaling mentioned Rainn Wilson as a possibility. Craig Robinson’s Darryl could also be a good fit, as well as Kaling herself (let’s not forget the Sabre Print in All Colors Executive Training Program). And although Andy Buckley (David Wallace) has shown up in supporting roles of several movies lately, this might be a good opportunity for Wallace to get some stable work besides creating giant house vacuums.

It would seem that the branch would need a Regional Manager, but these Office writers are crafty. At the beginning of Season Three, I wasn’t sure how Jim and Pam’s storyline would play out with him transferred to another branch, but they got around that nicely without resorting to cliches. The Office has proven itself to be a strong ensemble show, with more time devoted to other characters,

Regardless of what those in charge decide, I’m interested to see first how they bring Holly (Amy Ryan) back into the mix as well as how everyone deals with Michael Scott leaving. It reminds me of when Charles Schultz retired the Peanuts comic, only to realize that Charlie Brown had never actually gotten to kick the football.

Will Michael Scott get to kick his proverbial football?

This Office fan hopes so.

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