Consumers World Wide May Need to Think Twice before Taking out an Auto Loan on a Toyota or Lexus Vehicle

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Toyota learned a valuable lesson about dealing with recalls late last year when the company had serious problems with the accelerator. The lesson learned was to act quickly to resolve a problem and take responsibility. A great fine was issued last year due their lag in action. This time they’ve acted quickly enough, but the problem is still severe.

Thousands of Lexus vehicles will be recalled given their engines have a problem that may cause them to stall while the car is running. Although no accidents have yet been reported, the problem has occurred in more than two-hundred vehicles. In the United States this problem will affect more than 130,000 vehicles and approximately 270,000 vehicles worldwide. This recall will go into effect on Monday July 5th, 2010 and will include seven of the Lexus models.

Luckily, the problem is being handled before any accidents occur and lawsuits arise. There are still over two hundred lawsuits pending on the previous Toyota recall due to the resulting accidents. There was also a case about five years ago in which it took Toyota over a year to recall some of its’ trucks and SUV’s.

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