David Beckham Says ” Three is enough”

| April 26, 2010 | 0 Comments

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No one can argue that David Beckham and his wife Victoria are one of the most recognized couples on the planet. They have a wonderful family with three wonderful boys. On a recent appearance on the ABC show ‘The View’, the 34 year old soccer star stated that he was happy with his family structure and at the present time did not want any more children….for now.

Beckham went on to say that it was taking every bit of their energy to raise the three kids that he currently has. Victoria aka Posh Spice was also in the audience and elaborated that while it was a handful with her three boys she has not ruled out bringing in a fourth sibling to the mix. Victoria stated that her three boys were tiring and stressful enough, but she loves every minutes of it.

In the interview, Beckham went on to say how disappointed he was being injured and not being able to play for his native England in the 2010 World Cup. He was injured while playing in Italy and now is back in L.A. where he plays for MLS’ LA Galaxy. The Beckham love L.A. and have made no secret of it. They have no plans of returning to England anytime soon.

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