Emotions Are Key to a Wonderful and Stress-Free Life!

| June 14, 2010

The News Gals (Press Release)Jun 14, 2010

Is there emotion behind cancer?  Yes.  Anger.  Is there emotion behind stress?  Yes.  Fear.  Are there emotions behind relationship problems?  Yes.  Jealousy, anger, fear, guilt, and hurt.

Emotions are part of all of us, a part of everything in life. They’re far more important than most people realize.  Children are taught to keep emotions “under control,” to label anger and fear as “negative emotions,” and to view emotions as an undesirable part of life that should be kept hidden. As a result, most people’s emotions are working against them, constantly creating personal, relationship, business and physical problems.  Can emotions work for us, instead of against us?  Yes!

Emotions are tools. Their true purpose is to help us humans navigate our lives, including “problems.”  With us 24/7, emotions are constantly available, advising when to “be careful,” “get more creative,”  “come closer,” or “change your expectations”.    When we allow ourselves to have, listen to and learn from our emotions, they show us the best possible way through life, for us. Together, emotions are our “Human User’s Manual.” When we follow and depend on it, it never lets us down.

Emotions (e-motions) are “energy in motion.”  Each is a slightly different form of energy, offering us a specific “signal,” to help us navigate life.  Love, for example, says “come closer.”  Most people ignore, push down or cover over their real emotions, thus making them unavailable to help with daily living.  Because emotions grow when they’re held inside, an emotion like anger can easily grow to rage and create great havoc in our lives.  To avoid this, keep the energy of anger moving, out of you but not onto others!

We can never “get rid of” emotions, because they are part of us as human beings.  What we can do is learn more about them, develop ways to work with them, heal and integrate unfinished past emotion that plagues us, all ways of working with these powerful tools called “emotions,” allowing us to master our powerful allies, rather than let them tyrannize or cripple us.

We are all in a time of great Transition.  Now is the time for us to awaken to our emotions, so we have a full arsenal of tools to make necessary shifts.  When we learn the specific signal of anger, fear, hurt, loneliness, jealousy, love, and other emotions, we’ll know just what to do when they show up in our lives.   The Emotional Pro, Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., is available in a variety of ways to assist you.

Ilene hosts Internet radio’s Full Power Living
http://emotionalpro.com/full-power-living-internet-radio-program,  focused on helping you to “awaken to the power and importance of human emotions.”    We talk weekly with important thought-leaders, such as actress Mariel Hemingway (healthy eating), Chopra Center co-founder and medical director Dr. David Simon (physical and emotional health), Brian Tracy (business and Reinvention), Dr. Harville Hendrix (interpersonal relationships), Wired magazine executive editor Thomas Goetz (personal medicine and technology), Michael Brown (emotional/mental/physical balance), psychic Sylvia Browne, and Our Lady of Weight Loss, Janice Taylor.

You can start today to discover how to create a healthy and happy life, aided by your true friends, emotions. You can reduce stress, welcome change, learn from all that occurs (so you don’t have painful repetition), and move into better ways of living.  Speed the process of getting on friendly terms with your emotions with the help of Full Power Living and The Emotional Pro.  Stop being a victim and become the masterful leader of your own emotions and life, instead

Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., The Emotional Pro, is dedicated to helping people everywhere to discover the powerful ally and guidance system within themselves, their emotions. Host of Internet radio’s Full Power Living, Emotionally Speaking, and Building Conscious Families, Ilene is an Author, Coach, Teleseminar leader, and Professional Speaker.   On the web at EmotionalPro     866-385-4769


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