End Depression and Guilt by Decoding Your Emotions

| June 16, 2010

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How often have you felt depressed?  You lose your job as a result of downsizing ….and unable to find another job right away, you’re depressed.  You new spouse isn’t who you thought s/he was, and you feel trapped…..and depressed.  You had a tough childhood.  You survived, but you’re depressed about it.  Your children are constantly acting up, your mother is sick, your best friend is moving away, you were looked over for that promotion…..and you’re depressed!  Today, there are many, many opportunities to become depressed.

What can you do about depression?  Take a pill?  Distract yourself?  Think about people who are worse off than you?  How about just laying low until the depression passes and you “snap out of it.”  Most of us don’t really know what to do about depression, feeling at its mercy whenever depression strikes.

Some depression occurs because of what we call a “chemical imbalance” in the brain, such as with bipolar disorder. Some occurs because our diet has thrown our internal chemical mix off balance.  Most of us allow ourselves to become depressed rather than fully acknowledge the emotion that lies behind depression, the emotion that we use depression to disguise, so we don’t get into trouble.

It’s the same emotion that lies behind guilt. Have you experienced guilt? What about?  Did you do something “wrong”?  Did you fail to keep a promise?  Did your actions or choices create pain/problems for someone else?  Perhaps you didn’t listen to your heart, neglected to tell someone how much they meant to you (and now they’re gone), ignored your child or your pet when they needed you, or snapped angrily at someone you love, leaving you feeling guilty.  Some people feel guilty for years!  Guilt can even kill you.  It’s difficult to correct those things, isn’t it?  Guilt tends to keep you frozen; it doesn’t let you make amends.

You know, guilt isn’t even a real emotion!  A real emotion has both a positive and a negative aspect.  With anger, we’re familiar with the negative; anger’s positive is that it pushes us to take action. Guilt is only negative.  It has no positive aspect.  It can’t be dealt with; mostly, we can only drop guilt—and that is very difficult to do.  Even though guilt isn’t a real emotion, it ruins people’s lives and businesses and families every day, mostly because we believe it’s real and we don’t know how to dismiss or heal it.

The emotion that lies under guilt and depression is anger! Because anger is a real emotion, it can be worked with and sent on its way.  When we realize that guilt and depression are anger in disguise, we can begin to deal with them and move them out of the center of our personal life stage.  Whenever you’re aware of feeling guilt or depression, ask yourself “what could I possibly be angry about?”  Search your heart and mind; say the answers you get aloud.  When an answer “clicks,” move into healing the anger.  As it heals, so will the guilt or depression be healed.  (Check out helpful e-booklets, CD sets and articles for at Emotional Pro.

Imagine your life—regardless of what happens in it—free of guilt and depression.  Many people are living such lives now. In the place of guilt and depression will be enthusiasm, spontaneity, personal empowerment and joyful activity.  Now, that’s the life you—and all of us—deserve!  It’s possible for you, beginning today.

Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., The Emotional Pro, is dedicated to helping people everywhere to discover the powerful ally and guidance system within themselves, their emotions. Host of Internet radio’s Full Power Living, Emotionally Speaking, and Building Conscious Families, Ilene is an Author, Coach, Teleseminar leader, and Professional Speaker.  Emotionalpro on the Internet.   1-866-385-4769

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