Foreclosure Eviction Thwarted

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City marshals intending to evict Francis Blackman, 55, from her St. Albans, New York home found their efforts were thwarted due to an organized effort to bring Blackman’s plight to the attention of city officials. After numerous phone calls were made to protest the eviction a temporary stay was granted. Blackman, who recently began bankruptcy proceedings, feels that she is only one of many in the southeastern Queens, New York area facing foreclosure due to foreclosure scams.

Blackman admits that in 2006 she and her stepmother fell behind in making payments on the $180,000 mortgage they held on their St. Albans home. Blackman asserts that she was instructed to sign over the deed to a woman who identified herself as a foreclosure specialist. According to city property records the deed was signed over to Orit Tuil and the original mortgage was repaid. However $405,000 worth of mortgages was subsequently taken out by Tuil who transferred the deed back to Blackman for $550,000 and a monthly payment of over $5,000.

Unable to keep up with the payments, Blackman found herself facing foreclosure. Since many of her neighbors were also dealing with various aspects of the mortgage crises she turned to them for advice and assistance. Blackman and nine other homeowners in the area have formed a group to help each other and to bring attention to the problems they are facing.

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