Girls Everywhere Chant: Justin Beiber!Justin Beiber!Justin Beiber!

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From the crowd reaction at the 2010 Juno Awards you would have thought that Justin Beiber won every award given out on the night. The thing is that he did not win a single award but the mania that goes with everything Justin Bieber shined through on the night and was a prime example of his popularity.

Beiber was the focus of several award winner wise cracks over the course of the evening. The Barenaked Ladies said Album of the Year winner Micheal Buble’ should’ be ashamed for taking that award and crushing the hopes of a little child’ in reference to Beiber and then rapper Classified done his song ‘O, Canada’ and changed the words from ‘we love our beaver to we love our Beiber’. Still, Beiber took it all in stride and looks to be the hottest thing from Canada these days.

The Juno Awards are to recognize the best in Canadian music makers.

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