Goodbye All My Children and One Life to Live

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Soap Opera fans everywhere received some devastating news today. ABC announced that they are officially canceling two long running daytime programs One Life to Live and All My Children. Both Soap Operas have been on the air for more than 40 years.

All My Children was introduced to the world in 1970 and has been responsible for giving many celebrities their big break including, Josh Duhamel, Christian Slater and Amanda Seyfried.

The Queen of Soaps Susan Lucci who started her Soap Opera career on All My Children in 1970 said the cancellation of the of both One Life to Live and All My Children will be the end of an era. In a recent interview with People Magazine Susan Lucci who played Erica Kane, had this to say, “It’s been a fantastic journey,” I loved playing Erica Kane and working with [show creator] Agnes Nixon and all the incredible people involved with All My Children. I’m looking forward to all kinds of new and exciting opportunities.”

Kelly Ripa who got her start on All My Children as well as met her husband Mark Consuelos on the set recently was quoted saying that if All My Children were to be cancelled she would be absolutely sick to her stomach. Ripa goes on to share exactly what the show has meant to her by stating, “All My Children means so much more to me than any place, because [Mark and I] met there, we had our children there, it was a big part of our lives, and I think that to cancel a show that has been on television for so many years, what are you going to replace it with? I mean I just don’t know. I just feel like it’s such a training ground for so many actors.”

One Life to Live started back in 1968 and is also responsible for launching the careers of some big time celebrities including Hayden Panettiere, Ryan Phillippe Brandon Routh,  and Marcia Cross

The Cancellation of both One Life to Live and  All My Children has fans everywhere shedding tears. Both of the shows will always be known has two of the best Soaps in history. The official ending dates for the show is said to January 2012 for One Life to Live and September 2011 for All My  Children. Fans had better get their fill while they still can.

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