Goodbye Simon Cowell, Goodbye American Idol?

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Well it’s official… Simon Cowell is officially gone from American Idol. As everyone knows American Idol just had their season nine finale and singer Lee DeWyze was crowned America’s favorite.  Any other season the winner of American Idol would have been considered big news but unfortunately for Mr. DeWyze, the departure of America’s most loved villain Simon Cowell has over shadowed his win this year.

America found out at the Beginning of season nine that not only was Idol getting a new judge but that they would have to say goodbye to their favorite one as well. It is said that producers brought Ellen in early to help with transitioning Simon out. The news came as a bit of a shock to the fans, who all adore Simon.

The reason for Cowell’s departure is said to be the fact that Simon will be introducing America to the U.K. hit “The X Factor”. “The X Factor is show similar to Idol in the fact that contestants will be singing, but the twist is that musical groups will also be able to compete against solo acts.

Producers of Idol made sure to give fans and Cowell a proper send off. Former American Idol judge Paula Abdul made a cameo on the season finale to wish her dear friend Simon her luck and best wishes on his new venture. Fans of the show know that Simon and Paula have always had a close relationship; there were even rumors at one time that the two were more than friends.

Fans everywhere feel that this could be the end of an era. From the beginning of American Idol many have believed that it was Simon who really carried the show. Simon was always the judge with sarcastic comments, Harsh Criticism and the ability to take viewers by surprise. Fans of Idol will surely miss Mr. Cowell, but the real question on everyone’s mind is; will American Idol last another season without America’s favorite Judge Simon Cowell? This is a question that can only be answered in time, although many are severely skeptical.

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