Grandpa Loses His Favorite Pictures

| October 16, 2012

When 67 year old Alex Thiel turned his computer on and saw a blank screen, he realized he had just lost everything. For many of us our entire lives are stored on your computers. We save everything from important documents, files, music and most valuable our family photos, our memories. Many believe that by simply having these items and artifacts stored on our computers ensure their safety and that there is no need to back up anything; unfortunately, that is not the case. One never knows when one those horrible viruses floating out there are going to attack our computers and wipe away everything that we have saved. In an instant everything has been destroyed and we are left with nothing but a crashed or empty computer. Goodbye memories.

Many have to learn the hard way the importance of backing up the content that we store on computers simply because they do not know the benefits of backing up their files to a secure location. These individuals have just not been fortunate enough to learn about backup systems such as online storage back up. Let’s start with these simply questions and answers:

 What exactly is backing up?

The process of backing up pertains to the copying or duplicating and/or preserving of one’s computer files in the event of a computer crash or damage.

Why should I back up?

In a nut shell if somehow your computer gets stolen or completely wiped out and all of your files get erased you have them saved on some form of external back up (storage). Peace of mind and security.

What exactly is online back up?

Online backup is simply saving all of your stored computer files to a secure and reliable online (virtual) storage server; usually provided by an online provider. It’s online protection for your memories.

Now, let us discuss some of the pros and cons of online backup. There are pros and cons for everything. When it comes to backing up online it is important to keep in mind that an internet connection is essential. Without a reliable internet source you will not be able to secure your files online. Also, the better and more secure you internet connection the faster you will be able to secure you files and the better your connection (broadband is always more reliable that dial up) the more you will be able to transfer at once. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is usually some sort of fee charged by the storage providers but this is generally a very minimal amount ($5-6 dollars per month).

Now, here are some of the perks of using an online backup system. Every day you are give the peace of mind of knowing that your files are automatically being backed so that no matter what, whether there is a flood, fire or theft you will always be able to retrieve you files; your files will never become lost. Next restoration, restoration is easy as easy as 1, 2, 3 let’s say your computer crashes or gets hit by a virus once your computer is repaired and running up to par or you purchase another computer, all you have to do is go online (step 1), access your account with your storage provider (step 2)and click restore (step3) and all of your files, music and/or photos will be restored to your computer; Like I said 1, 2, and 3. Lastly, no additional hardware (that could become damaged or stolen), you will not have to go out and purchase any clunky or floppy anything in order to ensure your files security, save the space.

Ultimately it is always up to you whether or not your files, music and memories are important enough to secure. But if they are online backup is a safe, reliable and even better an affordable method in backing up; there will be no need to break the bank to protect your files. So, go out there look into some storage providers figure out which one works for you and make the switch, you will be glad you did. Our memories are invaluable give them the protection they deserve.

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