Heidi Montag Sings Celine Dion’s “All by Myself”

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It is just one thing after another with “The Hills” drama queen Heidi Montag Pratt. This time Heidi has decided that her life has become too difficult and too lonely. Heidi recently confided in supposed friend Kristin Cavallari that she feels she has no one, no friends and no family.

Anyone familiar with “The Hills” knows that Mrs. Montag Pratt is married to the ridiculously over the top and ill mannered Spencer Pratt. Mr. Pratt seems to be the common problem amongst both Heidi’s friends and family.

Heidi is said to feel that her friends are distancing themselves from her and excluding her from everything. Sources are also saying that she feels utterly abandoned by her family and upset by their dislike for the supposed love of her life Spencer.

Sources are also saying that Heidi feels everyone is acting this way towards her and Spencer because they are all jealous; Jealous of her and Spencer’s fame, fortune, marriage and looks.

Heidi recently underwent a staggering 10 corrective surgeries to make herself look more like Barbie. She underwent these surgeries to become a happier, more confident and fulfilled person. Well it appears that the surgeries surprisingly did not do there job in making her happier; in fact Heidi appears to be even more down in the dumps. Let this be a lesson to all, you can buy yourself a whole new exterior, but it probably will not bring you all the happiness you long for.

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