Jani Lane Goes from Rock Star to Inmate

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Perhaps still lost in the decadence and lack of accountability inherent to his 1980’s glory days, Jani Lane, the lead singer of the hard rock glam metal band Warrant, is back on top of the charts, the police charts that is. This May, Lane received his second DUI arrest in less than a year.

Lane was arrested by Los Angeles police officers on Sunday, May 10th after failing a breathalyzer test and a series of sobriety tests. According to police in Woodland Hills, California, Lane crashed his vehicle into a parked car. Though no injuries were reported, Lane’s car was severely damaged and Lane’s blood alcohol level was measured at over twice the state’s legal limit of .08.

During this incident, the Warrant front man was arrested by the same police officer who conducted his 2009 arrest; this most recent drunk driving arrest comes almost exactly a year after his last incident, in which Lane also hit a parked car during his intoxicated driving. As a result of his plea of no contest in June 2009, Lane received three years probation.

One of the most successful rock bands of the 80’s, Warrant reached chart topping heights with hits like “Heaven,” “Sometimes She Cries,” “Down Boys” and “Cherry Pie”. Through the early 1990s, Warrant experienced numerous line-up changes, and lead singer Lane left and returned a few times. After a reality show stint on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club” in 2005, Lane reunited the band, which again split up just over two years later, never having regained their chart topping popularity.

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