Jonathan Metz Cuts off His Own Arm and Thinks “What Would Macgyver do”

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It started out to be just a typical day for 31 year old Connecticut resident Jon Metz, but his typical day turned into a nightmare. After returning home from work and eating some dinner Jon Metz went into his basement to perform a task that he had done dozens of times; he went to clean out his furnace boiler. While cleaning the furnace Metz dropped one of his tools and while he was trying to retrieve it his arm became trapped inside of the boiler.

Jonathan Metz states that he was trapped for over 12 hours and that the whole time he could feel his arm slowly dying. Recalling his gruesome ordeal Metz reported that after six hours of screaming for help with no success and feeling that he was out options, he made the difficult decision to remove his own arm. Feeling that it was do or die he proceeded to use a blade to detached his arm from his body. After getting half way through his arm Metz told doctors that he passed out.

Jon Metz jokes that before he made the decision to remove his arm that he had a MacGyver moment and said to himself, “What would MacGyver do?”

After falling in and out of consciousness for another 6 hours, Metz was discovered by a friend and co worker who immediately called 911. Shortly after receiving the emergency call fireman arrived at Metz’s house and were subsequently able to removed Jon from the furnace, but not before completely detaching the rest of Jon’s arm.

Due to the severity of Jon’s injuries and damage to his arm doctor were unable to reattach the arm. Jon now is in need of a prosthetic arm. Prosthetic arms are quite costly and Jon’s insurance will only cover half the cost. For this reason Jon’s friends and family have started a fund call Help Jon Metz to help raise enough money for Jon to be able to get the prosthetic limb that he needs.

For more information on how to help Jon Metz or donate to his cause visit:

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