Kai Hibbard Claims “The Biggest Loser” Gave her an Eating Disorder

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The Reality TV hit “The Biggest Loser” has left one contestant with a bad taste in her mouth. Kai Hibbard a contestant on season three of “The Biggest Loser” claims she left the show with an eating disorder and that the show encourages contestants to lose weight by substitute meals with coffee and dehydrating their bodies to manipulate the scale to display weight loss.

Kai Hibbard is going on record to say that although she did indeed lose over one hundred pound on the shows that she subsequently gained seventy of it back once she truly started taking care of herself. Hibbard claims that those involved with the show encouraged contestant to constantly work out and over exert themselves even when they have injured themselves and no matter the extent of the injury.

Kai Hibbard also claims that while she was on the show she began to think and use coffee as a meal substitute and that this was highly encourage and praised by those involved with the show. She goes on to say that she feels the show twists a lot of things; such as the time elapsed between weigh-ins and the scale. Hibbard claims contestants appeared to have lost more weight when their bodies were allegedly dehydrated, and that they learned how to dehydrate themselves from the show. Kai Hibbard was quoted saying, “Before I went on the show I never learned how to dehydrate to manipulate a scale; and when I left I knew how to do it better than some fitness competitors.”

Hibbard goes on to say that her family was worried about her eating disorder and that when her hair started to fall out is when they finally confronted her and helped to get the help she needed. Shortly after being confronted by her loved ones Hibbard finally started to eat right and stopped using things like coffee as complete meal substitutes.

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