Kendra Wilkinson: Wam Bam Thank You Ma’am

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A lot of people make sex tapes these days. Although most people never have their tapes leaked on the internet and the only people that usually see these tapes are the ones involved in making the tape. For celebrities it is a whole other story. These days if a celebrity has ever made a sex tape or had nude pictures taken of themselves, they are most likely going to end up leaked. The latest celeb to have their private business exposed for the whole world to see is Kendra Wilkinson.

The former “Girls Next Door” star and former girlfriend of the infamous ladies man sexual Hugh Hefner, Wilkinson made quite the inventive sex tape with her former lover Justin Frye that was just released to the public. Wilkinson is denying that she had anything to do with the tapes release and is stating that she thought the tape had been destroyed years ago.

To Kendra’s horror that tape can now be viewed by anyone willing to become a member of Vivid Entertainments website, for monthly a monthly fee; as it is now being said the Porn Guru Steve Hirsch and Vivid Entertainment have officially obtained the rights to the movie.

Kendra has stated that she will fight the release of the tape and will take all actions necessary to get the tape unreleased and destroyed. Kendra’s husband NFL superstar Hank Baskett has stuck by his wife’s side through this whole ordeal and has stated that he will continue to do so. The couple married in 2009 and has a child together, so it is no wonder as to why their bond is so strong and why Baskett is standing by his woman.

Sources close to the couple are saying the Kendra’s biggest concern is their son. Kendra is worried about what people will say about as a mother. She does not want to have a sex video of herself out there where her son or his friends could one day stumble upon it. Kendra was heard saying “If this tape is allowed to remain on the internet and in circulation it will be forever out there. People will be able to invade my privacy on such a personal level for the rest of my life and even longer”.

One lesson that everyone can learn from this is, if you want to make a sex tape with your partner make sure that if you break you take the tape with you or destroy is yourself.

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