Kendra Wilkinson Weeps in Front of The World

| October 18, 2014

Kendra Wilkson weeps in front of the world over her family heartache and cries for the world to let them be and deal with current events in private. Yet, amongst the displays of outrage over numerous rumors, spousal cheating and indignation for her children she continues to put her self in front of camera after camera. After over a decade in the public eye the former playboy bunny and girlfriend to Hugh Hefner may now being feeling the heat the comes along with loving the attention.

—– From The Washington Post —-

Wilkinson has never been shy about showing personal details on television. This season, Baskett isn’t even around for the first few episodes, so it’s officially the Kendra show. The Season 3 premiere opens with Wilkinson bawling hysterically in her living room this past June, falling on the floor wracked with sobs as an alarmed friend wraps her in a hug. It’s the kind of scene you cringe away from because it feels so, so private. Then you remember she invited the cameras into her…

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