Lady GaGa Fatally Ill?

| May 25, 2010 | 0 Comments

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Fans all over the world have been worried about the infamous Lady GaGa. It appears that their concerns are not unwarranted. Recently concerts goers have reported Ms. GaGa collapsing on stage or appearing to be out of breath. To further confirm fears many of Lady GaGa’s future performances have been cancelled without further explanation.

Sources close to the superstar are saying that Lady GaGa is suffering from some underdetermined health issues. A friend of the star has been heard saying “She does not want to worry anyone”,” If there is a serious problem, her friends and family do not even know about it yet”.

Rumors are circulating that maybe GaGa has some sort of heart condition or possibly Lupus. Although without any confirmation or proof these rumors are exactly that just rumors. If there is anything wrong with Ms. GaGa let’s hope it is not serious, and if it is serious hopefully it is something the young and ultra talented musician can overcome.

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