Lindsay Lohan Bails Out Dina Lohan

| October 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was stating the honest truth when she stated her mother had been on the verge of having her house going into foreclosure …and actually Dina Lohan is not at all out of the woods just yet … We have learned.

As reported by sources … JP Morgan Chase Bank filed legal documents in 2010 to foreclose on Dina’s Long Island home due to the fact that she had neglected to make her mortgage payments.

Now here’s where it gets intriguing …The financial institution and Dina came to some sort of arrangement during which mother Lohan assented to a revised payment plan which will prevent her property from being auctioned off.

Those close to Lindsay have revealed … Dina Lohan failed to ante up on her own — she received money from her daughter in order to make her mortgage payments.

We’ve been told Lindsay made payments that made it simpler for Dina to climb out of the hole she was in, having said that just recently she defaulted again on her payments and Lindsay had to provide Dina with some more rescue funds — $40,000.  And that is certainly the 40 grand that Lindsay and her mother were arguing over when things became heated between the two in the town car very early Wednesday.

One final thing, we’re informed Dina pulled lots of alternate money from the Bank of Lindsay, this includes money that was meant to help pay for her younger brother’s university fees.

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