Lower-Middle to Middle Class Families Denied Healthcare Assistance, Unemployment Assistance and Child Car Assistance

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One Middle class family makes a stand against the discrimination against the middle classes. The Angulo family consists of mother/wife Maria, Husband/father Jésus and their two young children. Both Maria and Jésus are hard working people, but they still need some government assistance with things like child care and health insurance and are not qualified to receive any due to the fact that they have a combined income of $45,000 per year.

With the country in the middle of a recession many middle class families are feeling it harder than others. One area many families need assistance in is healthcare. With an income slightly higher than what is required for free healthcare assistance some families, like the Angulo family, are left feeling upset and abandoned.

Both hard working citizens, the Angulo family are a prime example of an American family in need. Unable to get treatment here in the U.S. for her family, Maria is forced to bring them down to Mexico in order to see a doctor. The government keeps cutting spending on programs that would help the Angulo family.

Some of the biggest cuts are coming in the form of making it more and more difficult to qualify for health insurance. With unemployment rates so high and less and less tax and budget money coming in, states are becoming unable to help provide of money to support their unemployment assistance and Medicaid programs. This results in income eligibility cutoffs becoming lower and lower, making the programs less available to it’s hard working citizens.

Maria Angulo was quoted saying, “We are not 100% under the poverty line. But trust me, if we had the money for childcare and healthcare, we wouldn’t be asking for it.” She goes on to beg the government, “Please don’t forget the middle class!”

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