Mindy McCready Struggling Musician or Tortured Mistress?

| May 26, 2010 | 0 Comments

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Country musician Mindy McCready should be known for her sexy voice and musical talent. Unfortunately for McCready that has not been the case as of late. The country sensation’s personal life has been filed with such turmoil that is had completely overshadowed her career.

McCready was rushed to a nearby hospital this morning by concerned family members. This is not the first visit to the hospital the country star has made. At the end of last year McCready was said to have been so severely depress that she wanted to take her own life and had to be brought to the hospital to protect herself from doing so.

Sources close to the family are stating that they have no idea why McCready is hospitalized this time. A friend close to McCready has said “She was doing really well; I’m not sure what happened this time”. McCready’s family wants to keep the media out of it as much as possible and that is said to be the reason for the silence so far.

Fans are also wondering if all the negative publicity the musician has received of late has anything to do with the hospitalization. There have been rumors spreading throughout Hollywood and the sports world that Ms. McCready is the mistress of Baseball Legend Roger Clemens. As everyone knows Clemens is not single; he has actually been married to his wife Debbie for 26 years. Clemens and his wife were married in 1984 and have 2 children together.

It must not have been easy for McCready being labeled as a home wrecker. Whatever is going with Mindy’s health let’s hope it is nothing to serious and that she is on the mend.

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