Nancy Grace Talks About Her Weight Loss

| November 19, 2011

HLN host Nancy Grace most recently dropped from “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday has also dropped a few things as well during her time on the dance floor. She’s dropped about 25 pounds. When asked about her loss by Access Hollywood guest correspondent Tim Vincent, “the last I looked, it was 25 pounds, can you believe that?” she asked. Tim asked, “does this mean you two are going to do a video on how to lose weight the fun way?” Tristan MacManus, Nancy’s professional partner, stated that Nancy’s skills learned in the ballroom would be included in the video, “losing weight with cartwheels, from a pumpkin to a cartwheel,” he joked.

However, Nancy put her idea into a spin on the video saying, “Listen To Me, that’s the name of the video.” Referring to her constant bickering with Tristan during rehearsals, “You’re Not Listening, ” she joked. All jokes aside, Nancy was absolutely exploding about her time in the ballroom.

Nancy states, “I’m always sad to say goodbye to anyone, and my time with Tristan has been so great. So I’ll be sad not to see him every single day. But I’m also happy that we made it this far, and I’m happy for the great times that I had and the wonderful people that I met.” “I’d like to say thank you to all the viewer’s particularly that stuck by Tristan and myself during all of this, and voted us through. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed dancing for you.”

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