Plane Crash Kills Couple After 48 Years of Marriage

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Traveling by airplane is one of the safest modes of transportation today, but that does not mean accidents do not happen. After nearly 50 years of marriage Oskar and Julia Huber perished in plane crash just outside of Livermore, California.

It is being reported that the couple had just celebrated their 48th anniversary with family and were flying home in their private 2 seated plane when they lost control and crashed into a cliff. Both Oskar and Julia were seasoned pilots with more than thirty years of experienced under their belts.

The cause of the crashed is still unknown but it is being speculated by experts that the couple could have encountered problems due to some unexpected extreme weather conditions. Locals are reporting that on the day of the crash the weather conditions included: rain, hail and even thick fog.

Authorities are reporting that upon impact the plane shattered into pieces that spread out roughly half a mile. The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) has assured the family that they will be investigating the incident to determine what went wrong.

Sources state that there was no apparent foul play involved and the crash was likely that of human error. Statistics have shown that more than half of airplane crashes are a result of human error.

After such tragic ending to a long marriage and apparently happy marriage, one can only hope that for the sake of Oskar and Julia Huber family answers can be found regarding their death.

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