Prince William and Kate Middleton: The Royal Wedding, The Wedding of the Century

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As the world already knows it is only 3 weeks until what can only be considered the wedding of the Century. On April 29th, 2011 his royal highness Prince William of Wales will wed his long time love and soon to be princess Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton of Berkshire. The couple will exchange vows in an elaborate ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

As the date grows closer it is now being rumored that Kate Middleton may already being feeling the pressure to produce an heir to the throne. With the possibility of Queen Elizabeth bypassing Prince Charles as the future King of England that would mean Prince William would be next in line to take the throne.

If that were to be the case then it would mean Kate may indeed being feeling the added pressure. At 29 it may a good time for the future princess to provide the future King and their country with an heir.

As it stands right now England’s current law reads that the first born son is the one to inherit the throne, meaning that in order for Prince William’s child to one day inherit the throne the child must be male. There is currently a law pending trying amend the law stating that only a male can inherit the throne so that it is not gender specific but that is most likely not to happen anytime soon due to the fact that the current law has been is effect for the last 300 years.

The royal wedding will be televised throughout the world on April 29th around 4amĀ  in the morning East Coast time. For those awaiting the chance to witness a wedding that is sure to be in history books be sure to tune in.

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