Somalian Pirate Hostages Recount Details of Their Survival

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The survivors of a recent Somalian pirate kidnapping are coming forward to plead the case of one cook on the pirate ship that saved their lives. They state that without the help of this decent man they would have all lost their lives.

On February 2nd of this year pirates took over the “MV Rim”, a Libyan-owned, North Korean-flagged cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden and took it occupants hostages. The overall goal of the pirates was to get a generous ransom for the release of the hostage and were asking for hundred of thousands of dollars.

One survivor recounts that in the beginning the pirates would make sure their hostage were fed, but that when they realized the demands were not going to be met or not be met in what they believed was a reasonable time they slowly began to starve their hostages. It was then when a new crew member being called Ahmed on the ship began to secretly bring the hostages food and water.

One hostage in particular goes into detail about the help that was provided to them by who he calls and angel Ahmed. 36 year old Virgil Teofil Cretu, a Romanian hostage talks about how Ahmed would always bring the hostages as much food and water as he could without being revealed and how Ahmed even smuggled a sim card into the hostages so that they could use a cell phone that they had kept hidden. Cretu says Ahmed wanted them to be able to call their families.

Virgil Teofil Cretu talks about how one day Ahmed came in and told the hostages that the pirates were fed up with waiting for the ransom money and had decided to murdered all of the hostages and sell the organs on the black market. This is when Ahmed did something the hostages did not expect, even though he helped them up until this point.

Ahmed smuggled in three guns to the hostages and that was when the hostages took matters into their own hands.

Virgil Teofil Cretu describes what happened next; “There were six pirates guarding us. We started shooting. I shot like mad. The pirates were taken by surprise. They opened fire, shot each other also by mistake; this lasted for about 45 minutes. All in all, we annihilated them pretty quickly. Some we threw overboard, to the sharks.” The hostages were able to over take the ship and survive long enough for rescue to come.

There has been no news as to Ahmed whereabouts or if his is alive. Cretu worries that Ahmed was brought back to Somalia. If Ahmed was indeed brought back to Somalia he will surely be killed because pirates are never allow to survive after betraying one of their own.

It is being reported that even though Ahmed saved the lives of the hostages that he was still not granted asylum into any of the surrounding countries. With no officials commenting on anything this has yet to be confirmed. The life of Ahmed and his family is still a mystery.

A final word from survivor Virgil Teofil Cretu claims that he would love to be able to invite Ahmed and his family to come and live with him in safety. Cretu states that he feels Ahmed is and will always be a true friend and that all he desires is to know that Ahmed is alive and well.

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