Stop Swiping Your Business Credit Card and Start Swiping Your iPhone

| May 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

Small business owners everywhere are always looking for ways to make going about their business just a little bit easier. While for small business owners who own an iPhone there may now be an application to do just that. Visa and DeviceFidelity have been working together to create an application that turns your iPhone into your business credit card, and it appears that they have succeeded.

In their recent joint venture Visa and DeviceFidelity have created an application called In2Pay. The purpose of this application is to allow iPhone owners to transform their phone into a portable credit card. Business Owners would have their Business credit cards synced up to their phone and thus be able to simple wave their phone in front of the no contact payment systems when purchasing an item.

In order to take advantage of this application, the iPhone user would have to purchase a specialized case that attaches to the dock of your phone securing the phone into the case. Your iPhone must remain in the case in order to use that application. A micro SD card is also inserted into you iPhone in order to link up with the no contact payment systems.

Shawn Casey of says “Now that in2Pay and the iPhone Visa case let you use your iPhone as a credit card, you can see that soon we won’t even need to carry a wallet. We’ll just need a driver’s license and an iPhone. For those who think the iPhone is getting passed by, just go look at the powerful apps – like this one – solely available to iPhone users.”

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