Storms packing hail and high winds cause damage in Texas

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Severe weather has been the cause of tornadoes and golf ball sized hail in the mid section of the country this week, leaving devastation in its wake. Damaging homes and businesses leaving nothing but a disaster behind.

It all started saturday when a wave of tornadoes swept across Iowa. One twister destroyed more than 60% of Mapleton, Iowa leaving families completely bereft of all their belongings.

One Iowa residents recalls how he and his family could do nothing but hold on tight to each other and hope for the best. When describing the damage to his property the resident states that everything that was in his backyard is now in his kitchen and that his AC unit was completely detached from his house. He states that, ” The important thing is that everyone is ok. Everyone around here knows each other and they are all ok that is the main thing.”

Another resident reported that all of her vehicles are now in someone else’s garage. She goes on to talk about how she works downtown and that most of the businesses are completely destroyed. She ends her interview by saying” We all just have to start over I guess”.

Further south Texas was also hit by some severe weather with wind gust reaching over 90 mile per hour. HomesĀ in the Dallas were damaged by some of the wind gust and golf ball sized hail. Reports state the Southern Dallas County, Collin County and Johnson County south of Fort Worth were the hardest hit by the severe weather with roofs torn of off home and business as well as trees and power lines knocked down.

The storm continues to ravage states across the U. S as it moves east from Louisiana to New York State. The worst of the severe weather is said to occur tonight. People are urged to watch the local weather stations and keep an eye out for this severe weather system as it makes its way east.

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