The Grand Ole Opry House Closed for Good?

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A Country music landmark, The Grand Ole Opry House, was hit by the floods that have recently devastated Nashville, TN.
Besides the main hall of the performance area, many other areas in the venue were flooded. One includes the rehearsal space, where many renowned country artists have kept their instruments, like Keith Urban, Michelle Branch and Braid Paisley.

The Opry’s stage is also a thing of grave concern it holds a particularly rich history. Located in the center of the stage, is a circle of floorboards cut from the previous Opry’s home, at Ryman Auditorium. It is considered the heart of country music.
Sadly, the floods hit the Opry House, just as the legendary, Grand Ole Opry was to celebrate its 85th birthday celebration. The Grand Ole Opry has been held at the Opry House since 1974. This is the second time the Opry house has been evacuated. The first evacuation was in 1975, due to flooding of the Cumberland River.

Current shows are being relocated for an unknown amount of time. There have not been details about how much water is inside the venue, although there have been pictures showing water several feet high outside of the Opry.

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