The Vampire Diaries Return With a Bang

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The CW’s Vampire Diaries returned last night after a lengthy hiatus leaving fans craving more. The Vampire Diaries is a TV phenomenon about two vampire brothers in love with the same human girl and leaving them willing to do anything to keep her safe.

Last night’s episode titled ” Know Thy Enemy” picked up with the return of Elena’s ( Nina Dobrev ) biological mother Isobel ( Mia Kirshner ) to Mystic Falls. Upon her arrival Isobel decides to inform unaware Aunt Jenna that she is Alaric ( Matthew Davis ) supposedly dead wife and is a matter of fact not dead. Feeling betrayed¬† Jenna ( Sara Canning ) by those she loves Jenna takes off for some much needed space.

Trying to gain the trust of Elena and Stefan ( Paul Wesley ) Isobel claims that she has returned in order to help save Elena from Klaus. Not believing Isobel both Elena and Stefan try to get the truth from Elena’s biological father John.

Meanwhile, Damon ( Ian Solmerhalder )  helps Bonnie ( Katerina Graham ) and Jeremy ( Steve R. McQueen ) find the location of the mass murder of 100s of witches in order for Bonnie to harvest their power to kill Klaus and save Elena.

Unexpectedly Isobel betrays Alaric, John and Katherine. Katherine who is in possession of the moon stone and Alaric are both captured. When Katherine finally comes to she discovers that she is in a room with a Alaric who is having some sort of spell cast upon him along with being filled with viles of blood. When Alaric finally stands up and approaches Katherine, she then realizes that he is being possessed by Klaus who she has been on the run from for over 500 years.

Isobel proceeds to kidnap Elena and takes her to where Isobel’s parents have a burial site for Isobel.This is where viewers find out the Isobel is actually being compelled by Klaus and is subsequently released from the compulsion . After confessing to Elena that she is working for Klaus and that she is sorry for being such an utter disappointment to Elena Isobel rips off her necklace that protects her from the sun and allows herself to burn to death.

What may have left fans completely stunned was the ending of the episode with the last scenes between Matt ( Zach Roerig ), Caroline ( Candice Accola ) and Her mother the Sheriff. Previously in the episode Matt had confronted the Sheriff about vampires killing his sister Vicki. The sheriff takes Matt to her house and leaves him there while she takes off to sort things out. Caroline comes home after searching for Matt all day and finds him in her house and explains everything to him. He then tell her to compel him to forget everything.

After supposedly being compelled Matt takes off and then surprisingly gets into the sheriff’s car. This is when viewers find out the the was all a set up between Matt and Caroline’s mother to find out everything that is going on with the vampires in town and who is a vampire and who is not. Matt had taken some vervain so he was never actually compelled by Caroline.

The smash it The Vampire Diaries is keeping fans on their toes and dying for more with plot twist and turns. The series airs Thursday nights at 8pm on The CW.

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