Trump For President 2012

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As has been the trend of late Donald Trump is once again the main attraction in today’s media. This time it is Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and Liberal Commentator Alan Colmes that are talking about Mr. trump.

One of the topic regarding Trump discussed was, if Trump were to run for president what party would he be running for. To date Trump has been all over the place in regards to what he is for and what he is against, not giving the people a well defined idea of what party he truly stands for.

For example at one time ( 1999) Trump was admittedly pro-choice now it appears he has had a change of heart and is pro-life. Another example that has left people guessing is Trump was formerly a supporter of bill that supported a one timeĀ  high rate taxation on the rich with the idea that it would help balance the budget. Trump is no longer a supporter of the bill. This flip flop effect has left some voters confused.

On that note it is being reported the Trump recently had a meeting with The Republican National Committee (RNC) chair Reince Priebus to discuss the presidential nominating schedule. Trump has also surged ahead in popularity with the republican party as well The Tea Party. As it stands right now Trumps is 2nd in New Hampshire right behind Mitt Romney and 1st in the Tea party.

Alan Colmes goes on to predict that Trump will not actually run for president in the 2012 race. Colmes then goes on to state that when it comes down to it that Trump will not want all of his personal affairs and finances brought out into the lime light. Colmes elaborates that he believes that this whole thing is nothing more than a show, going on to dub Trump The P.T Barnum of our age.

Megyn Kelly closes the interview by stating that Bernie Goldberg who was recently on The O’Reilly factor stated that not only did he believe that Trump would race but that he also had a reliable source confirming that Trump will indeed be running for president in the 2012 election. Not to mention the fact the Trump has recently procured the domain

Whether Mr. Trump will run for presidentĀ  or not is still up in the air but either way the country will be waiting, many with anticipation and many with dread.


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