Warm Bodies Dominants Box Office

| February 8, 2013


As 2013 gets underway, so do the stream of new movies seeking to capture our attention. People find themselves with the dilema of choosing which movie they are going to spend their money on over the weekend. Well, Based on the lastest box office results the decision should be a little but easier to make this weekend, Warm Bodies.

WINNER OF THE WEEK: Horror hybrids. Turns out this time of year, usually a dead zone for movies, is a good time for the undead. Warm Bodies, the third tongue-in-cheek horror hybrid in the last month, did very well, opening with an estimated $20 million. Its success follows the path recently blazed by winter 2013 hits A Haunted House and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (last week's champ and this week's Number Two, with an estimated $9.2 million for the weekend and a total of $34.5 million over 10 days). Add to the list more traditional horror, such as Texas Chainsaw 3D and Mama (this week's fourth-place film, with an estimated $6.7 million and a three-week total of $58.2 million), and you can see how the winter chill has been good for chillers at the multiplex. (Rounding out the top five are Oscar hopefuls Silver Linings Playbook, up one slot to Number Three on estimated earnings of $8.1 million, for $80.4 million to date, and Zero Dark Thirty, also holding up well in fifth place with an estimated $5.3 million take and a total of $77.8 million so far.)

Warm Bodies could do even better by the time final numbers come out on Monday; its current total is a loose estimate skewed by the Super Bowl, which could keep more of the audience away Sunday afternoon and evening than the studios have predicted. Still, as a blend of two genres with strong female appeal (horror and romantic comedy), the zombie love story probably won't suffer too much damage from the gridiron extravaganza….

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