Worst Wildfires in Texas History

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Texas residents are no strangers to wildfires but what they are experiencing now is being called the worst wildfires in Texas history. Texas forest services have already responded to at least 18 fires yesterday alone. It is being reported that over 400 square miles of Texas has already been burned. As low humidity and strong winds continue to fuel the wildfires, some are wondering if there is way to stop them.

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Texas has 254 counties and as of right now 180 of the counties are under a burn ban, which is a mandatory order prohibiting any outdoor burning of any kind. Reports are stating that at least 20 Texas counties have fires already in them.

The two counties receiving the worst of it right now are Stonewall and Presido. Current reports are showing that stonewall has already lost 71,000 acres to the wildfire and it looks like this may be just the beginning for residents of Stonewall county. As for Presido county at least 60,000 acres have burned as a results of the wildfires in and around the Fort Davis area. At least 30 to 40 residents in the Ft. Davis area have already lost their homes as well as numerous amount of livestock. A local judge and volunteer fire fighter as also became a victim to these wildfires losing his entire farm. The judge stated ”  I am lucky. I only lost my farm, there are a lot of folks around here losing their houses.”.

With weather conditions in Texas not changing, these wildfires are continuing to devastate Texas residents. The question is can fire officials get these wildfires under control and how many more will lost their home, livestock and livelihood.

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