Charlie Sheen Going to Jail?

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Charlie Sheen mCharlie Sheen may be in for more than he bargained for or in this case plead for. What appeared to be an open and shut case for Charlie Sheen may turn into bit of a nightmare.

In December of 2009 Charlie Sheen was arrested at his home for assaulting his wife of two years Brooke Mueller. It was reported that after a heated argument with Mueller, Sheen knocked his wife to the ground and held her there; Sheen is said to have then put a knife to her throat and threaten to slice her throat with it.

In the following months after the assault Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller decided to try to work it out for the sake of their two children.

 Unfortunately for Charlie the state decided to go ahead with the charges and decided to take it to trial. In favor of not going to trial Sheen decided to take a plea deal that entailed the “Two and a Half Men” star serve thirty days in jail and completing some work duty by helping out at a local community theater.

 Sources are now reporting that for unknown reasons the original plea deal has come to a halt. It appears that the case may be in the process of some sort of reevaluation. Although no further news has been revealed as to what this exactly means for Sheen, all that is known is that Charlie Sheen’s hearing has been pushed back to July 12.

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