Dog Collars and Leashes – Why Restraining Dog Collars Can Be Dangerous

| June 18, 2010

The News Gals (Press Release)Jun 18, 2010

A story recently out of Venice, Ca. tells the tale of a lady who was forced to move house once and very nearly had to move a second time because of her dogs constant barking. She was informed that any of the many bark restraining dog collars available would eliminate the problem.

She bought a battery operated collar with a small microphone attached which picked up the bark of the dog and would deliver a 1800 volt shock immediately. It was her hope that the dog would get the message and stop the barking. She thought it was a great investment for only $30.

She monitored the dog closely for the first few days and noticed that his barking was still as constant and as loud as before. She then rang the manufacturer to ask if the bark restraining dog collars were faulty. She was assured it was in perfect working order as their quality control was very stringent as per the government guidelines.

After four days she was adjusting the collar, as it kept riding up the dogs neck, when to her disbelief she saw several big holes in the dog’s neck. A trip to the vet and a neck shave later revealed over 40 holes in the neck of the dog.

It was then she found out that this particular bark restraining collar would be set off by any noise. A car horn, the garbage bin falling over, any noise would send 1800 volts through the dog. This was constant for over four days.

In the end, the manufacturer was ordered to recall all of the bark restraining dog collars and pay the vet costs to the lady concerned. I guess the moral of the story is to do your due diligence when buying dog collars and leashes for your canine friends.

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