Donald Trump vs Obama’s Birth Certificate

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Donald Trump has come out guns blazing. As it becomes more and more likely that the real estate mogul and reality TV super star is headed toward presidential candidacy Mr. Trump has made it quite clear how feels about our country’s current president Barrack Obama.

In a recent interview on the Today Show with Meredith Vieira Trumps talks about what  he feels is the presidents inability to run and protect our country. Trump goes on to talk about how he feels that since Obama has come into office the country’s integrity has really taken a hit throughout the world. Trump stated that he feels that the United Stated in a country that is no longer respected by leaders throughout the world.

Vieira goes on to bring up the subject of Obama’s birth certificate which Trump has been very vocal about. Since coming into office the question of Obama residency has been in question. There are claims out there that President obama was not actually born in the United States but in Kenya. Trump states that he once believed that the president was indeed a United States born citizen but is now having some serious doubts.

These doubts are stemming from the fact that the President Obama has never come forward with proof of an official birth certificate. The only documents the president is said to have come forward with is a certificate of live birth. The difference is said to be the fact that a birth certificate provides greater detail, doctors signature and witness signatures of the person’s birth where as the Certificate of Live birth does not and is an easier document to alter or fake.

As if the fact that Obama has been unable or unwilling to provide a simple birth certificate isn’t bad enough, it is also being said that President Obama’s own biological grandmother who lives in Kenya has stated that Obama was indeed born in Kenya and the she witnessed the birth. Trump who has said he is determined to get to the bottom of this  two year long scandal has stated that he has people down in Hawaii investigating the birth of President Obama and that people will be shocked to find out what is being discovered.

How this whole story will turn out is still a mystery. The country who is currently in uproar over Trump’s suspicions will be waiting on bated breath to see what Mr. Trump’s people discover and whether or not he will share his finding with the rest of the United States. Only time and research will tell.


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