Jesse James Interview: Sandra Was Leaving Him Anyway

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Millions of viewers tuned in Tuesday night to watch Nightline’s exclusive interview with the man who cheated on America’s Sweetheart Sandra Bullock. Jesse James finally decided to break his silence regarding his numerous extra martial affairs.

As the world knows by now the West Coast Chopper’s owner and TV star Jesse James cheated on his wife of five years, the beloved actress Sandra Bullock. Reports of his affairs came to light when one of Jesse’s mistresses (Michelle McGee) came forward and revealed information regarding their Long term love affair.

In his interview James reveals to Vicki Mabrey that he believes Sandra had suspicions about his cheating but never thought that he would actually cheat on her. According to James, Sandra had complete faith in him and trusted him.

Jesse James goes on in the interview to say that he believes he cheated on Bullock to self sabotage himself.  The reasons he give Vicki Mabrey for why he would want to sabotage himself and his seemingly perfect life, he says stems from him being abused by his father has a child. According to James his father Larry James was severely abusive to him and his sister as children; Jesse goes on to elaborate stating that his father even went as far as to break his arm when he was about 6 or 7 years old.

Vikki Mabrey goes on to ask Jesse about his recent stint in rehab and what the reason were for his entering himself into a rehab facility. Jesse explains that he went into rehab not only for his sexual issue but also to help him cope and finally come to terms with what his father put him through as a child. James states that because of his father he never felt that he truly deserved to be loved; and for this reason he always had some fear that Sandra would realize that he was unworthy and would ultimately leave him in the end.

Recently Jesse sister Julie has come forward confirming that their father was indeed very abusive to both of them as children. While on the other end their father Larry is adamantly denying that he ever laid a hand on either of his children. Sources close to Larry are stating that he feels very hurt and confused as to why either of his children would say such hateful and clearly untrue things about their father.

When it came time to talk about his children Jesse appeared to become very emotional, even going as far as to stop the interview for a moment to collect himself. James talks about how negatively this whole situation has affected his three children that he has custody of from his first marriage. James says “My three kids are all very attached to Sandy and love her very much. I explained to them what I did and that it was completely my fault. They are having a difficult time dealing with my mistakes and understanding why I would do this to our family”. Jesse also says that Sandra is still very much a part of his kids lives and that will continue to be. While James was in rehab Sandra was the one to step up and take care of his youngest daughter Sunny, whom Sandra shares a very special bond with.

Jesse said during the interview “When I told Sandy that I was entering myself into rehab and would like to know if she would take care of Sunny, she said absolutely no problem. She also told me that she was very proud of me”. Friends of James state that this meant the world to him because even after everything that he did to her she showed him that he could always count on her in ways that she obviously could not count on him.

Jesse also went on to discuss his newest child, baby Louis. He confirms that after the recent events Louis will be taking Sandra last name but that his will still continue to be a father to him and that he loves his son very much.  James also states that Sandra is a natural when it comes to being a mother and he could not ask for a better mother for his children.

James never really talked about any of his mistresses, especially Michelle McGee; appearing to stay clear of that subject all together.

Due to his unsavory actions towards a woman the world clearly loves, James has quite literally become one of the most hated men in the world. What does the future hold for Jesse James? Only time will tell.

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