President Obama Under Pressure Regarding Immigration Reform

| June 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

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On Monday, President Obama met with labor and immigration activists to build a strategy for passing new immigration legislation.

The President won the election on a platform of immigration reform being a top priority in his administration. But since his inauguration little has been done. As a result, Obama is facing mounting pressure from Latino and other groups for legislation addressing immigration issues.

Latino leaders have also stated their intent on making immigration reform a very public and divisive issue, hoping to force Republicans to support immigration bills. According to Eliseo Medina, a leader of the Service Employees International Union, the group’s goal is to make it very clear who supports immigration legislation and who does not.

The debate over immigration and illegal aliens has intensified over recent weeks in light of new laws passed by the State of Arizona. The Arizona law requires law enforcement officials to verify citizenship documents when it is possible that none exist for suspects. The Obama administration has publicly denounced the measure and will likely sue Arizona to repeal the law.

The Administration also recently announced plans to use National Guard troops to help police and secure the border in southern states. Arizona’s Governor dismissed this action as inadequate.

Because of the difficulty of passing a comprehensive immigration bill, Obama’s team is considering the introduction of smaller bills directed at specific issues with a higher chance of bi-partisan support.

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