Regulators Weigh Options to Restrict or Ban Peanut Snacks on U.S. Flights

| June 16, 2010 | 0 Comments

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Airlines may face a new concern as the Department of Transportation considers an option to limit or ban peanut snacks on flights. Passengers with peanut allergies can be affected with allergy symptoms with enough severity to be fatal. Peanut dust can also cause mild symptoms to passengers sitting nearby a pack of the nutty treats. Currently 1.8 million Americans suffer from the allergy. Options include providing a peanut-free zone, a complete ban, or banning the nut by request of allergy affected passengers.

Opponents of a complete ban include peanut farmers and those that supply peanuts to the airline industry. Chief Executive of Ohio based King Nut Corporation believes peanuts are an All-American snack and a ban would be harmful to the industry and peanut farmers.

The Department of Transportation has not yet reached a decision on the airline issued peanut snacks. They intend to collect information from those suffering from allergies, medical experts and peanut vendors before deciding on a possible peanut ban. Many airline companies have already replaced peanuts with alternative snacks. However, many still contain peanuts or peanut products. The Department of Transportation and the Airlines have much to consider before choosing to ban the snack on flights.

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